Committees and Topics

Please see below for a list of all committees and topics that we have planned for the Oxford Global Home Conference 2018.


CSW (Commission on the Status on Women)

Topic A: Promoting female representation at high levels of politics

Topic B: Tackling violence against women


EU Council

Advanced Committee

Topic A: Re-evaluating the functioning of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU

Topic B: Addressing regular and irregular migration


ECOFIN (Economic and Financial Affairs Council)

Topic A: Water as the new oil

Topic B: Trade wars and trade pacts


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)

Topic A: Tackling child trafficking in East Africa

Topic B: Giving Syrian children a childhood


ICJ (International Court of Justice)

Advanced Committee

Topic A: Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine v. Russian Federation)

Topic B: Case Concerning the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, the “Jadhav Case” (India vs Pakistan)


CSTD (Commission on Science and Technology for Development)

Topic A: Data and privacy

Topic B: The definition of cyber aggression


UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Topic A: Urban man: the challenges of life in the city

Topic B: Money makes the world go round: harnessing finance's powers for inclusion and development


UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council)

Topic A: Fighting modern day slavery

Topic B: Protecting human rights while combating terrorism


UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

Topic A: The Somali Civil War

Topic B: Peacekeepers in the 21st century


UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs)

Topic A: Prevention of an arms race in outer space

Topic B: Conflict in space—adapting to the new challenges of peacekeeping


Historical Crisis Committee

Advanced Committee

Topic A: Colombian narcoterrorism, 1990-1993


DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Topic A: Disarmament on the Korean Peninsula

Topic B: Preventing the arms race in the Arctic circle


SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonisation Committee)

Topic A: Governance of the internet

Topic B: The effect of depleting natural resources


FuturE Crisis Committee

Advanced Committee

Topic A: The US Senate 2025





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