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Please see below for information on the speakers that are currently part of our network. The finalised list for each summit will be made available to participants upon registration and payment.


Professor Stuart Timperley, MA, PhD

Professor Timperley has extensive experience in working with organisations on the management of strategic change and corporate transition. He is an alumnus of the Universities of London, Strathclyde and Liverpool. For many years a Professor of Strategic Management at the London Business School, he was also a Sloan Foundation Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a Senior Associate at the Judge Institute, Cambridge University, and a faculty member of the Harvard International programme.

He has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Milan (ISTUD), the European Institute in Brussels and the University of Melbourne. He has taught at many of the top business schools including Wharton, Insead, I.D.E. and Harvard.

He is a corporate advisor to a number of international companies and has worked with, and on, Boards in a range of sectors. He has been Chairman of a number of organisations, including Freightliners Ltd., S.P.A., English Regional Arts Boards, and Watford Football Club and the Football League Tribunals. He has strong advisory relationships with a number of organisations.


Professor Maarten De Vos, MA, PhD

Professor De Vos is the Director of the Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Monitoring (CIBIM) group at the University of Oxford. His lab develops innovative biomedical monitoring and signal analysis tools from data acquired via wearable sensors. CIBIM is a truly interdisciplinary environment, having collaborations with world-leading clinicians from the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, fMRIB, the Oxford Centre for Affordable Healthcare, and the Sleep, Circadian and Neuroscience Institute (SCNi) to address unmet clinical needs. Professor De Vos is also the Director of the Oxford Biodesign Healthcare Innovation Programme, which trains the next generation of digital health leaders. He is also the founder of an Oxford University spin-out company Circadian Therapeutics.


Professor Jeroen Bergmann, MSc, PhD

Professor Bergmann is the Director of the Natural Interactions Lab at the University of Oxford, a Lecturer at Christ Church, and Director of the Oxford Biodesign Healthcare Innovation Programme. His research interest is in developing new preventative and assistive technologies that allows for more natural interactions. He has extensive experiences in engineering, entrepreneurship, business and management.


Professor Harvey Whitehouse, PHD

Professor Harvey Whitehouse is Director of the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology and professorial fellow of Magdalen College at the University of Oxford. He received his B.A. degree in social anthropology from the London School of Economics in 1985. He completed his PhD in Anthropology at the University of Cambridge in 1990.

Professor Whitehouse is generally regarded as one of the founders of the cognitive science of religion field. He is well known for his theory of ‘modes of religiosity’, which explains how the frequency and emotional intensity of collective rituals influence the scale and structure of religious organisations. In recent years, his work has expanded beyond religion to examine the role of rituals of all kinds in binding groups together and motivating inter-group competition, including warfare and extreme self-sacrifice. Professor Whitehouse is also a founding director of Seshat: Global History Databank, a large, international, multidisciplinary team of evolutionary scientists, historians, anthropologists, archaeologists, economists, and other social scientists. Seshat's mission is to gather information from historical societies in order to rigorously test different hypotheses about the rise and fall of large-scale societies across the globe and throughout human history.


Professor Alexandre Caldas, MSC, PHD

Professor Caldas is the Chief of Country Outreach, Technology and Innovation Branch at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) a Director position within the United Nations Organisation (UN), and a Professor of Science and Technology Policy. He was a Faculty Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute from April 2004 up until October 2005, and has become a Research Associate of the OII since 2006. He is an economist and completed his PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies at SPRU, University of Sussex (2004). His dissertation employed webmetric analyses alongside other methodological approaches to examine the structure of collaborative networks in the sciences. He completed his Master’s with distinction in Economics and Management of Science and Technology at the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal (1997).

He has also served as International Advisor for the Foundation for Science and Technology, European Union and African Union (2013-2016), as Administrator Head of Unit at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (2012-2013), as Director of eGovernment (2006–2011) in the Portuguese Prime Minister’s Office, as Executive Director of the Science and Technology Park, Abrantes, Portugal, as Coordinator of the Regional Internet Project, Ribatejo Digital, Portugal (2002–2004), and ICT Coordinator for the Science and Technology Foundation at the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology (1994-2000).

His research interests include e-science, networks, digital knowledge bases, digital identity, internet policy, as well as history of science and technology.


Professor Daniel BultE, PhD, PGDipLaTHE, SFHEA

Professor Bulte is an MRI physicist and an Associate Professor in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. He is based at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and has worked at the Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB) for over 10 years, and the University of Toronto before that. He obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Physics from the University of Tasmania in Australia. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from Oxford University. He is passionate about teaching and outreach and has won numerous awards for his teaching. His research interests are focussed on imaging and measuring oxygen delivery and metabolism in healthy and diseased tissue using a variety of techniques including Oxygen Enhanced MRI, Arterial Spin Labelling, T1, T2 and T2* mapping, and diffusion imaging. He is particularly interested in imaging hypoxia in tumours and neuroimaging.


Simon Bucknall, MA

Simon Bucknall is an Adjunct Faculty Member at the University of Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government and a Visiting Fellow in Professional Skills at Cambridge University's Department of Engineering. He holds degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Oriental & African Studies. Based in London UK, Simon is an international award-winning speaker, coach and facilitator, helping ambitious leaders and professionals to achieve greater impact through spoken word. In 2017, Simon represented Europe in the Final of the World Championship of Public Speaking in Vancouver, Canada, placing 2nd out of 30,000+ competing speakers worldwide.

Since turning full-time as a public speaking expert in 2008, Simon has helped thousands of people from all walks of life across the globe. Clients include General Electric, DPD, HgCapital, Oxford University's Said Business School, Cambridge University's Laing O'Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering & Technology, the Royal Academy of Engineering and London Business School. Simon's career began in executive headhunting with Russell Reynolds Associates. He has also worked in corporate brand strategy consulting and in the House of Commons as Head of Office for a senior Parliamentarian.


Alwin Magimay, MENG

Alwin Magimay is FTI Consulting’s new Chief Digital Officer based London. He is responsible for a Digital and Data Science team of around 100 talented resources in London, Dublin and Mumbai. FTI’s Digital Science capability helps its clients create and protect value in disrupted times.

Prior to FTI, Alwin was a Partner at McKinsey, where he specialised in large scale and complex digital business building programmes. He was responsible for McKinsey Digital Labs in the UK, looking after 47 talented designers, architects, developers and software engineers (‘digital business builders’). In less than 16 months, he successfully scaled MDL (what was effectively a ‘start-up’ within McKinsey) to become one of McKinsey’s key enablers in transformation, restructuring and performance improvement engagements.

In addition, Alwin is a visiting Professor at Imperial College Business School and is a Non-Exec member of the Institute of Data Science (helping establish Data Science as a new discipline). In July 2017, Alwin was appointed to the Board of SMART London, an advisory board to help the Mayor of London put digital and data at the heart of making the capital a better place to live, work and invest.


Aris Karcanias, MEng, MPhil

Aris Karcanias is a Senior Managing Director at FTI’s Economics and Financial Consulting Practice and is the co-lead for the Global Clean Energy Practice. Before joining FTI, Aris led the consulting component of Navigant’s BTM Consult where he conducted extensive technical, market, and economic analyses of clean energy systems. He has over 15 years of consulting experience in the clean energy sector with a focus on renewables and in particular the wind, solar, and energy storage industries. Earlier in his career, he worked for Ernst & Young and the University of Cambridge Engineering Department.

Aris resides on the Investment Committee at SUSI Partners, a Zurich based clean energy infrastructure fund. He is regarded as a leading industry figure and has authored several widely cited publications. He is often quoted in prominent media outlets on energy issues and frequently speaks at, or chairs, energy conferences.


Dr Alvaro Barrera, MRCPsych, MSc, PhD

Dr Barrera is a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Oxford NHS Health Foundation Trust at the Warneford Hospital, Vaughan Thomas Ward. He is also an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford. He has over 20 years of clinical experience in psychiatry. He has published numerous peer-reviewed papers focusing on improving healthcare delivery. In 2015–2016, he led a clinical research team at the Oxford NHS Health Foundation trialing an innovative sleep treatment programme to improve the quality of healthcare in psychiatric patients.

Anshul Raja.png

Anshul Raja, BENG

Anshul Raja is a TEDx speaker, author of two #1 best-selling books and the founder of Academic Underdogs. He and his team have one goal—to transform average performers into outstanding achievers. Over the span of three years, Academic Underdog’s educational products have already improved the lives of over 50,000 students in the UK.

Anshul’s background is in proprietary systems trading with a specialisation in fixed income and equity index futures. He began his career within investment banking operations at Goldman Sachs and has since gained a variety of experience across the financial services industry. He holds a Bachelors of Engineering, graduating with first class honours from University College London, and is accredited on the Dean’s List for academic excellence.


Dr Sarujan Ranjan, MBBS

Sarujan is a medical doctor who is passionate about innovation within healthcare. He has worked in a variety of specialities including Acute medicine, Accident & Emergency, psychiatry, endocrinology, geriatric medicine, general surgery and obstetrics & gynaecology. During his time working in the hospital he has dedicated himself to projects to improve efficiency and clinical care. Outside of the clinical environment, Sarujan has co-founded businesses in both medical education and events. He aims to combine his understanding of medicine and business to drive real change in healthcare through innovation. He is a member of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme.


Dr Tianyou Xu, DPhil

Tianyou, or ‘Ti’ for short, is a physicist with a passion for digital health. He is a New Jersey native, who received his Bachelors in Physics from New York University, studying there between 2008–2013. He was an Clarendon Scholar while he pursued a DPhil in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics at the University of Oxford between 2013–2017. He is currently an Oxford Biodesign Healthcare Innovations Fellow. In particular, he has a keen interest in digital health technologies and venture capital.


Dr Erfan Soliman, DPhil, FHEA

Erfan completed his DPhil in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. His focus was on the development of a muscle-neuron synapse model for applications in neuromuscular disease research. Before coming to Oxford, he completed his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Harvard University, with a thesis on bio-compatible composites for neuroregeneration. He specialises in engineered solutions for biomedical applications. Erfan also co-founded and led Oxford Global, an education company organising leadership and debate workshops in Europe and Asia. His current interests lie in the development of technology to address problems in healthcare. He is a stipendiary lecturer at Somerville College in Oxford and a research fellow of the Healthcare Innovation Programme.


Anna Perdrix Rosell, MSc

Anna is a co-founder of Sixfold Bioscience, a YCombinator and venture-backed startup at the forefront of developing an RNA nanoparticle-based therapeutic delivery platform. They are working on delivering gene and cell therapies in vivo with the aim of reducing the high cost and scalability issues that this technologies currently have. She has a PhD in cancer research from the Francis Crick Institute in London and an MRes in Translational Cancer Medicine from King’s College London. In 2018 she was recognised by Forbes (30 under 30) as one of the young European disruptors in science and healthcare.


Dr Wenchuan Wu, DPhil

Wenchuan is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN) at the University of Oxford. Previously, he obtained his DPhil in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Physics at the University of Oxford, a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing. His work involves developing novel methods for acquiring, reconstructing and analysing MRI images. His most recent work, which is based on machine learning techniques, won a top prize at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine in May 2018. Wenchuan is also a graduate tutor at the NDCN covering cutting edge technologies in MRI.


Dr Gemma Prata, MSc, DPhil

Gemma is Co-Founder and Director at AIRES Tech, a company providing remote sensing solutions for a wide range of environmental applications, including aviation hazards, emissions monitoring and thermal sensing. She recently completed her DPhil in Volcanology at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, and prior to this, a research Masters in Volcanology at Monash University in Melbourne. Her work focuses on understanding the composition of atmospheric volcanic ash and how this influences its optical properties in order to better detect and quantify the hazard posed by ash clouds using remote sensing techniques. She is also passionate about education and encouraging young students, particularly girls, to pursue studies in STEM subjects.


Dr Piers Milner, MEng, PhD

Piers is a biomedical engineer. He undertook a PhD in the Biomechanics Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Imperial College London. During this time he worked with leading orthopaedic surgeons, multinational medtech companies and medtech start-ups. Prior to this he studied Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (MEng) at Imperial College London, where he was awarded the Bessemer Medal for placing top of his cohort. His interests lie in translational medtech design and research.


Dr Ahmed Elzein Mohamed, MBBS, MRCSI

Ahmed is a clinical radiology trainee at Oxford University Hospitals. Prior to this he worked in a number of different specialities, including surgery, emergency medicine, and psychiatry, both in the UK and abroad. Ahmed is passionate about medical health innovation and translating new technologies to clinical practice. Clinical radiology is one of the most technology advanced medical fields—this has helped him to develop an excellent insight into upcoming innovations and their applications. Ahmed is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists. He has recently been selected to the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.


Dr Robert Watt, BPhil, DPhil

Rob Watt is an Unestablished Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the metaphysics and epistemology of Immanuel Kant, but he teaches widely in ethics, political philosophy, and the history of philosophy. His papers have appeared in journals such as History of Philosophy Quarterly, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, and the European Journal of Philosophy. Before moving to Cambridge he spent twelve years in Oxford. He took his first degree at Magdalen College, and then did his graduate work at Balliol College, with a doctoral thesis on Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories. He then spent four years as a Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Christ Church. He is currently working on the meaning of Kant's transcendental idealism, as well as Kant's contributions to mereology, i.e. the study of parts and wholes.


Cécile Varry, MA

Cécile is a doctoral student at the Université Paris Diderot, where she also lectures on English Literature. Her research focuses on the poetry of T.S. Eliot, and more generally on the role of emotion in modernist poetry. She also teaches various English classes for high school students trying to get into selective universities in France or in the UK. Before starting her doctorate she was French Lectrice at Christ Church, Oxford (2014–15), and then Lecturer in French at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford (2015–16). She took her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France), where she passed the ‘agrégation’, a highly competitive state examination for teachers in higher education.


Mikesh Udani, MSc

Mikesh is a recent MSc in Computer Science from University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford, he completed his undergraduate and masters degrees in Mathematics and Computing and worked with Deutsche Bank for 3 years in their Fixed Income Derivatives Trading team. He specialises in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and has worked on a variety of applications of machine learning in audio and speech data. At Deutsche Bank he performed quantitative risk analysis on portfolios of financial products and lead IT and infrastructure projects for the team. Mikesh's current interests are in applications of technology to solve problems in healthcare. His recent work was on risk stratification and drug design for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy using machine learning. Mikesh was a Oxford Biodesign Healthcare Innovation Fellow 2016–2017. In 2017, he co-founded an Oxford spin-out BreatheOx.


Nirmesh Patel, MSc

Nirmesh Patel is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cambridge Cancer Genomics, a smart genomics company using liquid biopsies to better guide cancer therapy choice and offer truly personalised medicine. Trained as a biomedical scientist at King’s College London, he has 10 years of experience in oncology research and is currently a PhD candidate in Translational Cancer Medicine, using data science and bioinformatics to identify novel targets in breast cancer and biomarkers to predict patient response. He has always sat at the interface between laboratory research, data science and the clinic and is unifying the three fields with a mission to improve cancer patient treatment.


Dr Gillian Bolsover, DPhil

Gillian is a lecturer in Politics and Media at the University of Leeds as well as a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). She researches the effects of commercialisation, globalisation and new media and communication technologies on politics and civil society. She completed a DPhil at the OII in January 2017, researching how the effects of the commercialisation of online spaces affect their ability to provide a venue for political speech in different political systems through a comparison of the US and China. Between January 2017 and January 2018, she worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the computational propaganda project, investigating bots, algorithms, misinformation and other forms of automated online political opinion manipulation. Her research interests include: political and social theory, political economy, civil society and citizenship, digital social research, computational social science, sociology and culture, as well as identity and psychology.


Christiaan de Koning, MPhil

Christiaan started his DPhil in Management Studies in 2015 under the supervision of Sue Dopson and Javier Lezaun. His research explores the governance of emerging biotechnology and is funded by the Saïd Business School Foundation Scholarship. Christiaan is affiliated with the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS) and is a member of Christ Church. Prior to starting his doctorate, Christiaan was a Visiting Fellow at the BioProperty Research Group (InSIS) and received his MPhil degree in Science and Technology Studies from Maastricht University. He also studied international business, sustainable (green) innovation, and political science as part of his BA Honours degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Maastricht.






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