The Experience

OGSYL summer summit aims to bring together some of the brightest young minds in Greece and from around the globe to participate in a unique educational experience at Byron College. Students will be assigned to one of several ‘streams’ or ‘colleges’, which are intended to represent the college system at the University of Oxford itself. During the summit, students will collaborate and compete on projects and activities that complement their seminars and lectures. In the unique environment that is created, we hope to inspire and motivate the leaders of tomorrow through their interactions with some of the greatest mentors of today. Over the course of our week-long programme, students are invited to apply their intellect to the most salient issues in our society. The resulting transformation, from a group of bright, talented individuals into a team of critical thinking analytical problem-solvers, is nothing less than extraordinary.


Summit timeline: Students will spend the full five days attending deep-dive seminars, participating in project work interspersed with lectures by university professors, followed by mini-project pitching and future planning which will include career mentoring with our experts. Students will also engage in teamwork and leadership-building activities throughout the week.

During this experience, students will:

  • Work in groups to identify solutions to a major global challenge that society faces today.

  • Participate in interactive classes and seminars that will enable them to tackle these challenges.

  • Attend guest lectures by university professors on relevant topics such as AI, big data, social enterprise, and innovation.

  • Network with ambitious and high-achieving peers from across the globe.

  • Attend interview workshops to practice Oxford style interview questions (as well as Harvard style interview questions, for those interested in applying to Ivy League universities in the US).

  • Attain certificates of completion for their courses.

  • Receive mentorship from leaders with a variety of backgrounds, including doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, business executives, and University of Oxford professors.

How is OGSYL different? Our students’ success matters to us not just while they are in our programme but also beyond. As such, our mentor relations do not cease at the end of the week. For up to one year, we will offer continued support and mentorship for university applications, for projects identified during the programme (should students wish to continue working on them), and for other academic or work endeavours. The top 10% of students will also receive letters of recommendations from one of our mentors.

The dreaming spires of Oxford. Photo credit: Sidarth Bhatia.

The dreaming spires of Oxford. Photo credit: Sidarth Bhatia.

The college experience. Photo credit: Vadim Sherbakov.

The college experience. Photo credit: Vadim Sherbakov.





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