Oxford Global Model United Nations

Dear delegates, faculty advisors, and fellow members of the MUN community:

I write to invite you and your school to participate in Oxford Global’s third annual Home
Conference. Oxford Global, an independent group of students, researchers, and alumni of
Oxford, has been active since 2013. In that year we sent our very first team of educators to
Beijing to run an M.U.N. conference, empowering local students in the fields of global politics,
international relations, and effective communication. Since then, we have run annual
conferences in Beijing and Shanghai.

Following on the success of our conference last autumn that brought 250 attendees to Oxford,
we are looking to maintain the high calibre of debate at the same time as we create an even
more international and diverse experience. Last year, delegates came from all over the world:
the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, China, Montenegro, Iran, India,
Uzbekistan, Russia, and Thailand. They enjoyed a stimulating experience discussing
international issues while also learning more about life at Oxford. My committee and I look
forward to carrying on this legacy whilst crafting an even more immersive conference. It is my
great pleasure to invite you, and your delegation, to attend.

The Conference
This year’s conference will take place from 16 – 18 November, 2018 here at the University of
Oxford. We will have over ten committees on offer, from stalwarts such as the United Nations
Security Council and the Disarmament and International Security to those confronting
pressing issues such as the World Health Organisation and the African Union. We will also
for the first time run a continuous crisis committee, offering delegates a faster-paced
environment. We proudly remain a conference for delegates from all skill levels and MUN
backgrounds. As such, we will allocate delegates so that each one has the best experience
possible. My guarantee is that all committees will be small enough so that each delegate
receives a high degree of personal attention. Our directors will know their committees
intimately and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to make their point.

Please continue reading for a provisional conference schedule, the venues and speakers, more
information on Oxford itself, and fees and accommodation. This information will be added to the website as it becomes available. I very much hope that you will
join us in November!

Yours sincerely,


Owen Rapaport
Oxford Global Home Conference 2018





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