Oxford Model United Nations

Dear delegates, faculty advisors, and fellow members of the MUN community,

We would hereby like to invite you to Oxford Global’s fourth annual OxfordMUN conference. Oxford Global was founded in 2013, when we sent our first directors to run a Model UN conference in Beijing, educating the local community on international relations, and enabling students to further their discourse and insight into the field of global politics. Since those humble beginnings, we have grown substantially, culminating in last year’s conference in Oxford, which was our most successful to date.

With over 750 delegates attending, OxfordMUN 2018 marked our expansion to the largest High School MUN conference in the United Kingdom. Taking this momentum in stride, we are looking to continue the success of our flagship conference this year, with delegates attending from across Europe, Asia, and North America. We are looking forward to building on this experience and hosting an even more educational and engaging event. It is our pleasure to invite you and your delegation to attend.

The Conference:
OxfordMUN 2019 will take place 15–17 November 2019. The conference will be hosted at the University of Oxford’s most historic venues, including the Sheldonian Theatre and the Examination Schools. This year, we will be hosting over 10 committees, ranging from traditional committees, such as the Disarmament and International Security Committee, to several specialised committees, including the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. This year, we are especially dedicated to providing the highest quality of content possible, providing more insight than ever before into the complexities of international relations, global politics, and various areas of public international law. Nonetheless, we proudly remain a conference for delegates of all skill levels and experience, providing opportunities for all delegates to further their knowledge of these areas, develop their critical thinking, and improve their public speaking. We ensure that our directors will be intimately familiar with the subject matter of their committee and will provide opportunities to all delegates to equally involve themselves in the ground-breaking discussions taking place at the conference.

On this website, you will be able to find information about the conference venues, the speakers that may await you, some more information about Oxford, and details about further offers.

We truly hope that you will join us in November 2019!

Yours faithfully,

Jonas Atmaz Al-Sibaie Secretary-General  OxfordMUN 2019

Jonas Atmaz Al-Sibaie
OxfordMUN 2019

Henry Li Co-Director-General  OxfordMUN 2019

Henry Li
OxfordMUN 2019

Nina Turnbull Co-Director-General  OxfordMUN 2019

Nina Turnbull
OxfordMUN 2019






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